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Where has the time gone?

Wow – August 28th already… Admittedly, I have been absent from the blog since late June because I needed time to get my mind and body back in “regular” mode. It’s funny, I never realized the changes that would take place while training for the ride. Changes to my routine. Changes to my outlook. Changes to my attitudes. Every last one of them was positive – and lasting. I also didn’t anticipate the time it would take my to come down from the emotional rush after completing the journey. I guess it was about a week after finishing that my mind and body realized I didn’t have to ride

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all day, every day. What happened next was both a surprise, and in retrospect, expected…

I basically ignored my bike with the exception of a couple group rides here and there. I put aside the mission of

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BOS2KW and refocused on work, family and friends. In doing so, I realized the riding, the exercise, the eating habits and more made me a better, more aware individual. I’m happy to say that 2 weeks ago I started back riding (indoors and out) and have begun to share the BOS2KW story with Rotary Clubs all over Florida. It sure

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feels great getting back into the routine – and looking for the next adventure!

I also know I owe a writeup for the last two days – that is coming – along with some other great conversations around the fundraising efforts and bike safety.

Thanks for hanging in!

Tales from the trails – days 10-13

Savannah, GA to Bonita Springs, FL:

First – my apologies for the delay in posting these last leg of the journey. I was playing catch up on a bunch of things, including work, sleep and time with my family…

Ok – I actually got a day off, and Linea came up to spend it with me. After our awesome breakfast, we headed out to CVS to pick up some Noxzema – not because I instant payday network caught a case of OCD on the ride, but because the saddle sores that had been developing since VA finally got bad. I called my coach, Brain Walton, and asked for some advice, as I didn’t want this to hold me back. Immediately he said viagra goes generic Noxzema… I admit, I was puzzled… what the heck would I do with that? Well – as it turns out, Noxzema makes a wonderful chamois cream and has an anesthetic property to it that was very appreciated (especially concerning the location of the sores). Using this instead of the regular cream took away the pain of the sores, although it only lasted 2-3 hours instead of most of the day. The bottom line – sores are no excuse – get Noxzema (not a paid endorsement).

The Forrest Gump Bench1

The Forrest Gump Bench1


While out and about, we came across the Forrest Gump Bench – and as you probably already know, this ride started as apply now my “moment”… You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes… I wear one pair of shoes ;)




So – that being said, it’s time to leave Savannah for Jacksonville…

We actually got an early start to the day today – which was a good thing, as this day took us through

Leaving the Hyatt

Leaving the Hyatt

numerous twists and turns. Within minutes of leaving the Hyatt, I found cialis 10mg not working myself on a remote road that hasn’t been well maintained. It turns out, I was riding adjacent to the juvenile prison and a shooting range for the sheriff’s department. At least there wasn’t much traffic ;)

From there, the day was pretty un-eventful, with roads taking me through small towns, farm lands and saltwater flats. This varied mix of landscape helped keep my mind off the fact I was 1300 miles into the ride and still had almost 700 more to go. As I have done the entire ride, I relied on MapMyRide to provide me with a safe, continuous network of roads to get me to Key West. If you’ve read the past posts, you know this isn’t always the case… today would be no different…

I came to a turn with a sign labeled payday 2 crimewave edition “No Outlet”, so I did the wise thing – I turned and blindly went another direction. When that road ended on another freeway, best online payday loans I decided it would be best to look at Google Maps to verify the pre-planned route. As luck would have it, all available maps said the road did, indeed, continue and connect me to my payday 2 next checkpoint – so I ignored the sign and continued as instructed (like a lemming off a cliff I might add). Then it happened – Charlie Daniels “Legend of Wooley Swamp” started playing in my head and thoughts of Lucias Clay haunting me got my heart racing.

Lucias Clay may very well live here...

Lucias Clay may very well live here…

As luck would have it, the road sign was

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right – the road did indeed end… in a swamp… with a cemetery…

I climbed over the barrier (tree stump laid across the path) and continued (ok – like my 114th mistake this day)… I am sure the cottonmouths and whatever else was crawling around in there were all looking at me wondering “what the he!?!”, and thankfully, they stayed put… This little misjudgment cost me about 2 hours of time and screwed up my front derailleur to the point I went from having 20 speeds down to 7 (all low gears I might add). With that adventure out of the way, we rolled in to Jacksonville a little late, but all was made right with the world when some of Linea’s co-workers came out to say hi and my nephew Bo was able to meet up for dinner and a beer… Lesson learned – when Wooley Swamp starts playing in your head, turn around… period…

Leaving Jacksonville the next day was an adventure as well… After some minor challenges with maps (what else is new), I was out of the city and cruising (slowly – remember the broken derailleur?) through north-central Florida. Off to Hernando! Well – halfway

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through the day I had to find a bike shop to fixe the issues. IMG_0332 I came across Top Gear in Ocala, FL on the way through. These guys are awesome! They fixed the gears, replaced a spoke, cleaned and lubed the bike in no time flat! In addition, they probably saved my life by correcting another mapping issue. Thankfully, local knowledge reigned and I followed the advice given, arriving payday loans in georgia in Hernando without an issue.

From Hernando, I travelled south through the Withlacoochie State Forest and trail system. The first

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30-40 miles were on a paved bike trail on an abandoned railway bed. Absolutely an awesome ride! No cars, few cyclists, lots of nature. If you ever get a chance, ride these trails – well worth the trip! After leaving the trail, it was a ride through Tampa all the way to Sarasota on route 41 – which was surprisingly, not a bad ride! Traffic was conscientious, roads were in relatively good shape, and the day finished without incident. Upon arriving in Sarasota, I was greeted by Rotarians from about 4 or 5 different area clubs, with a reception waiting to talk about Gift of Life (had no clue what was supposed to happen that night, and this was way above what I anticipated). IMG_0335 IMG_0337After spending about 2 hours with 40 online payday loan or payday loans so fellow Rotarians sharing stories about Gift of Life, the ride and so on, I was fortunate enough to be invited to dinner at Darwin’s by some of the gang. Darwin’s is an upscale Peruvian restaurant that brews some of the most delicious beed I have ever had! A great night had by all!

Now, it’s Thursday morning, and time to leave for Bonita Springs. The first thing I noticed is I may have had 1 or 2 beers too many the night before (slight headache), but a little bit of sweating goes a long way to fix

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that problem! IMG_0338 Leaving Sarasota, I was able to motor-pace behind a dump truck at about 35mph for a few minutes – just to get the blood pumping :). On the way through Port Charlotte, a few Rotarians from the night before met up with Carl and me on the north side of the Peace River for some encouragement. Great group of people! The day ended again without incident and for once, on time! I even made it back in time for Niko’s graduation from Pre-K (although I am pretty sure I was looking exhausted at the time :) )…

13 days down, 1700+ miles on the bike, and one of the most important lessons of the journey was about to be thrust at me… Never. Ever. Under any circumstance. Plan a long trip like this here you will have a chance to sleep in your own bed before it ends… Your mind and body will hate you for the torture that ensues trying to get up the next morning ;) Check back soon for the final canadian pharmacy two days – lots of great stories and some help from many friends and family to wrap up the ride :)



Fredericksburg to Savannah (Days 5-9)

Yep – I’m doing all these phone tracker spy pro review days at once! Admittedly, I’ve found it exceedingly difficult to find the time to write about each day after riding 8-12 hours each day. Also – I’ve found I don’t recall everything (brain fried too) and it helps to have a few days to process everything…

So – it’s Sunday night and I’m laying here in bed after a day off (that excitedly I got to spend with Linea, as she came here from Naples to visit!), watching Daredevil before going to sleep and felt I could recap the last 5 days all at once, so here goes :)

Left Fredericksburg on Tuesday morning with the best weather you could ask for – spy phone android sunny, mild, not to humid. Forecast called for late storms, so we got an early start. The hills were (supposedly) done for most of the rest of the trip and I immediately noticed the scenery payday 2 cheats was changing quickly. The city gave way to suburbs to rural payday loan setting in less than 5 miles. By far, this day was the most beautiful (through 9 days), as the combination instant payday network of farms, country roads, hardwoods and small villages made me think of Upstate NY where I was born. Carl and my parents made a stop at a winery along the way and the day was mainly event-free (with the exception of some very minor miscues with directions). As the day came to a close, I stopped at Bike Beat in Williamsburg at my uncle Mike’s recommendation, to get some minor issues fixed. These guys were great and if you are ever in Williamsburg, pay them a visit. They know their stuff! They were able to replace my rear derailleur cable, fix my power meter, tighten the headset and even replaced my chain in a matter of a couple hours. I didn’t miss a beat! And FWIW – the chain they replaced was brand new for the ride. I managed to stretch it in only 6 rides :)

Williamsburg, VA to Williamston, NC was a looonnnnggg day… between being extremely hot (first day this trip), the GPS sending me down more mountain bike paths that had to be re-routed, and major hot-foot-syndrome (where your feet spy phone locator burn from lack of circulation and nerve issues), I was feeling very beat-down. I often questioned my resolve to complete the trip – but pressed on through the pain and made it to the hotel. Williamston was interesting – Carl and I searched for good local beer and Carolina BBQ, but found none. Alas – Heineken and a burger was all we could drum up! (the waitress said the only local beer they had was Bud)

Williamston to Delco, NC was a much better day. I rode my fastest solo century ever at 5hrs, 22min to start the day. It may have helped that I was chased by 5 dogs along the way – 1 on a soft sand/dirt road. It was a large American Pit Bull protecting his yard. I can assure you, when being hunted down by a dog that size, you’re tires instantly get wider, grow knobbies, and a v-twin engine gets strapped on the bike because there was no way that dog was going to catch me! The only place so far to have dogs unleashed has been in NC – not sure if there are leash laws or not, but I am already devising methods of protection for this – ranging from the oft-used pepper spray to the less-PC titanium payday loans no credit check night stick ;) Anyway, I digress… The day finished without incident and Carl and I tried again – with no success – at finding BBQ and local beer. The recommendation for BBQ was a fast-food joint, so we opted for a new place in town called Gusto Bistro. It was a nice place with a Turkish/Greek flair. The owners were awesome and they did have Harpoon on draft so all was not lost :)

Delco to Charleston was the best day riding yet! Set a new PR for 100 miles, breaking the 5-hr mark (4:58:55) solo for the first time. This was one of the goals I had set with Brian Walton when we started woking together and needless to say I was thrilled to have set it 8 days into the ride! This day brought me through many different types of farms, from corn to barley, cotton to tobacco. In addition to more dogs, I noticed there was a disproportionate number of dead snakes on the road – most of them copperheads or cottonmouths. This made taking a nature break payday potentially dicey! Not much in the way of hills and pretty smooth riding all the way in town – except for the rain that rolled in at the end of the day. Crossed mile 1000 during this ride – not sure exactly where, but probably about 30 miles from Charleston. payday loans lenders after settling in at the hotel, Carl and I again continued our search for local beer and authentic Carolina BBQ. This day would not disappoint! I don’t recall the name of the restaurant we went to, but it was exactly as I had envisioned from watching the Travel Channel way too much – smokers in the back with the pit master shopping up copious amounts of beef, spy phone for ipad pork and chicken out back, a line at the counter to order, wait staff shouting orders back to the kitchen, homemade sauces – you name it, this was it! I castle payday was in BBQ heaven! Even though this place is known for its eclectic selection of bourbon (no – I didn’t have any), Carl and I were able to score a couple Carolina beers Palmetto Pale Ale and Holy City Caustic Sunset. Great ending to a great day!

Until I went to bed… note to self – large plates of BBQ and long bike rides are not a good mix…

Charleston to Savannah – the slowest I have ridden in a long time on flat ground… Ok – there were a lot of factors in the speed of the day. I rode real hard two days in a row. It was HOT! My Garmin read 100.3 at one point. I ate BBQ the night before (ok – that’s probably the real reason). South Carolina has some absolutely beautiful scenery – especially through the inland salt flats. It is awesome to see redfish tailing while out for a ride. However, the beauty and charm of the area was dampened a bit by the litter on the roadway (you see a ton of it while riding a bike) and the rumble strips on every freakin road! Rumble strips everywhere – and always on the white line, taking up 1/2-3/4 of the shoulder. I hit the rumble strip dozens of times and will probably have to go to the dentist when I get back to get fillings replaced that may have jarred loose! :) All kidding aside, Carl and I met up at an awesome little country store that had jams, ciders, pralines and more – had to sample a few and ended up buying some interesting marinades and jams, along with blackberry cider.

Made it to Savannah and was able to get a session in with the Normatec boots before Linea arrived. I really appreciate the fact she came this far to spend a day with me. We had a nice relaxing dinner at the hotel bar and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast overlooking project payday reviews the river and shipping lanes of Savannah. She took a bunch of stuff home that wasn’t needed anymore to help lighten the load for Carl and I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting through the 10,000 plus photos the GoPro has taken and writing payday advance las vegas this post.

Tomorrow apply it’s off to Jacksonville (150 miles or so). Each day new stories are being written about this journey that will all culminate with a generational impact on the children in El Salvador. Just think – by saving one child’s life, you have perpetuated that family for generations to come. The child saved today may not be the next great teacher or leader or scientist. But their offspring may very well be. By helping to online payday loans save these kids now, we are saving the lives of children yet to be born – think about that for a while :)

Gallery now up!

Ok – first attempt at a photo gallery… here is a random sampling of about 100 photos from

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guida è serenamente sapore.

South Philly to Savannah – out of about 10,000 taken from the GoPro. I am still sorting through and editing videos, but alas, rest and recovery day is about over and tomorrow is a long day to Jacksonville (150+ spy on any cell phone number miles)


Let me know what you think!

Tales from the Trail – Day 4

Stoplights and headwinds and hills – oh my!

Woke up to wonderful weather ion Baltimore – it was great to see a second day of sun and mild temps, making the ride all the more enjoyable. About 2 miles from the Hyatt, the first flat of the trip happened – hit a pot hole and BAM! Out goes the tire… Fortunatley, Carl was about 100yds ahead of me, and turned around so we could repair the flat in short order. Our travels took us through some neighborhoods in Baltimore that had me a little nervous (out of ignorance, not experience), but my concerns were soon relieved as the residents we friendly and cheering us on :)

Although the weather seemed perfect, the one thing we couldn’t see from the hotel was the wind direction. As I began to head south towards DC and VA, it soon became apparent the headwind would be a worthy adversary all day. Although a 7-10mph wind isn’t too bad, stretched out over 6-8 hours it beats down on you :). Add to

that the fact the MapMyRide had the elevation gain at about 2500′ and I had surpassed that in the first 20 miles, I knew it would be a long day.


Another stop light at the bottom of a steep hill

By the time we got to the outskirts of DC (avoided the city due to Memorial Day festivities), I had discovered a new adversary – stop lights! Being from FL, hills are foreign to me. I had always thought the worse place to have a light was half-way up a hill, as restarting on an incline is no fun. I can assure you, after experiencing every configuration of hills and lights, the worse place is at the bottom of a very steep hill. Nothing worse than wasting all that potential energy generated by going up a hill on squeezing the brake levers to stop you 90% of the way down.

That’s ok – weather is still good, just about out of the DC area, and right at the 2500′ of climbs

Steep climb just over the VA border

Steep climb just over the VA border

predicted by MapMyRide. My thinking at this point (big mistake – thinking) is it would be a flat ride into Fredricksburg. Boy was I wrong! After crossing into VA, I was faced with this (and believe me, the picture doesn’t do it justice)… A 1.5 mile climb, seemingly straight up! Ok – maybe not quite straight up, but it was steep, my legs hurt, and the computer said we were out of the hills! :)

Made it through the last of the hills and to the hotel – or what I thought was the hotel… I had forgotten which hotel we were in, rode my bike directly into

the lobby of a brand-new Hyatt Place, only to find out we were at the Holiday Inn down the street :) Thankfully, the manager at the front counter had a good sense of humor :)

Today was a beautiful ride, with many highlights and pictures of some great scenery, but it was by far one of the slowest 100-mile days I have ever had! Legs were absolutely burnt out, I slept like a rock, and woke up with legs of lead – but that’s ok. The cause and the goal make it worth it!

This Sunday I will be caught up on all the days reviews (may even add some edits as well) and will put together a photo gallery of highlights of the trip so far. Until then… Surprise Yourself and do something you never thought you could (or would)

Tales from the Trail – Day 3

Day 3 – Princeton to Baltimore

Today we woke to dry, sunny and warm weather! We packed and said our goodbyes (Roman and Laura were FANTASTIC hosts!), and hit the road at about 8am. During our planning session the night before, we made some route resume writing services long island ny changes – adding some miles in the beginning by going north via Washington Crossing and cutting miles by planning to get a ride across a bridge unable to be crossed via bike. Net miles was still about 165. Western New Jersey and Eastern PA have some absolutely beautiful areas. Rolling hills, farms, horses and well maintained roadways highlighted the morning. Getting close to Philly (about 11:30), we ran in to a bunch of construction along Route 13, but traffic was surprisingly light. Stopped at Arby’s for a quick sandwich (where the girl working the counter insisted she get to take my picture in case I become famous) personal statement help online before heading down to the Philly Art Hall to see the famed steps that Sylvestor Stallone ran up during Rocky. I lived outside Philly for about a year and never had the pleasure of visiting there. Great sight, plenty of tourists, but did manage to get a few pics (coming zoo this weekend when I get

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the photo how to teach academic essay writing gallery loaded).

Leaving the Art Hall, things got dicey! Following the route took me right on to the freeway (again)! You would think I would have spy cell phone learned by now that MapMyRide is about 95% accurate – when it is wrong, it does it in style! Well – I managed to get off the ramp and back on track, following a multi-use path along the river. Construction of the pathway wasn’t predictable, and it was torn up and un-passable about a mile down. Managed to find my way out of the city using the Garmin GPS and heading toward the blue line (well – I think it’s blue – colorblind an all). Headed out of town, the route went by the airport and out towards the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge. Well – the route is headed into the park, so I must follow (after all, I am nothing more than a lemming at this point of the day). Well – another MapMyRide fail – nearly 3 miles of gravel, dirt and mud trails, I finally found a way out to regular pavement – and now it’s on to the rendezvous point to cross the last river before Baltimore.

About 20 miles front the crossing, I came across a group of cyclists towing a trailer, headed to DC to open up their next city. Wash Cycle Laundry provides dry cleaning and laundry delivery services in cities like Philly and DC, where traveling to a dry

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cleaner may be tricky. t was cool seeing a group of 20-something’s out being entrepreneurs in the expansion of their business. Good luck guys and gals!

I made it to the rendezvous point with massive cramps in my legs (reminded me of my climbing camp experience), so I hopped in the spy on a metropcs cell phone SAG wagon, drank some olive juice, and rested for the next 15 miles till the legs would move again. Made it to Baltimore at about 8:15 that night and crashed not too long after that – although there was a wedding at the hotel and all the kids were on my floor, all night, playing some kind of hide-and-seek-in-from-of-my-door game. Didn’t have the energy to pick up the phone and call anyone…

Days 4, 5 and 6 are now complete – write-ups coming shortly. I can tell you, this experience is absolutely wonderful, but it is far more challenging physically and mentally than I could ave ever imagined. Tomorrow we head to Wilmington, NC – about 160 miles or so. Expecting a 12-hr day.

Check back soon! More info on the way!

Tales for the Trail – Day 2

Well – the adventure continues! The ride from Riverhead, NY to Princeton started out a tad gloomy and chilly. Still having equipment issues (power meter still not working and GoPro not charging), but nothing serious. The day started at about 7:30, and the plan was to meet up with Matt (from MIT) at the hotel and ride together to Manhattan. Got a text saying he started early and to meet him down the road. Not much wind blowing, so the start of the ride was great. The plan is to met up with Matt about 10 miles down the road…

Long Island – especially the eastern half, is really a pretty area. Reminds me of Upstate in many ways, with its small towns and typical northeastern-style architecture. It was easy to spin the legs out and pedal on at a respectable clip. Now the phone goes off – text from Matt. He’s running behind and pretty tired (after all – he slept in a hammock the night before) and wants to switch out the wheel he borrowed and finish the trip on his own. Carl waited for Matt and helped him on his way as I pedaled on. The maps have me riding route 25 most of the way, then on an access road along 495 pretty much all the way to Manhattan…

… or maybe not! About 5 mile out, the access road disappears – with no signage – and I am left with 2 choices… Hop on 495 or the Cross Island Expressway (neither of them sound appealing). My parents picked me up at this point as safety far outweighed riding not he Interstate :)

Decision time – ride through NYC or stay in the RV until we crossed the Hudson. Almost every road in NYC around 42nd St was torn up. GPS didn’t work well with all the tall buildings, so stay in the RV till Jersey was the plan. Lesson learned – planning a long trip like this, leave NYC out of it. Not a place for cyclists to ride through – maybe along the river, but certainly not through. I was dropped off just outside Newark to head towards Princeton. As I am learning, curveballs are at every corner. MapMyRide sent me down a mountain bike trail – not the best thing for a road bike. Even worse – it’s starting to rain. Deep mud can’t be navigated. No worries – the cellphone has mapping software – time to reroute. After spending about 30 minutes under a tree to avoid

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the downpour as much as possible, the route is set. Off I go! Headset spouting directions to me turn by turn. Seems pretty simple – until the voice says “rerouting to driving directions – take left onto Garden

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State Parkway”! Not good – so I pull over, reset the map and off again. About 2 minutes in, it reroutes me again. By the time this fiasco was over, I had spent the better part of 2 hours riding around in circles trying to get the maps to work, and it is now pouring rain and late in the day. And only about 20 miles from Roman and Laura’s house. The plug was pulled on the day and I hopped in the RV, completely annoyed that with all of today’s technology, I couldn’t seem to find my way to a road safe to ride on…

That being said, Roman and Laura were tremendous hosts! I can’t believe how much their kids have grown – PJ and Gavin are becoming outgoing, funny and very polite young men. Little Roman is no longer little (he’s 6’2″ in 10th grade) and is still the well mannered kid I remember. Dinner was awesome, as was the Long Trail Blueberry Wheat beer we had with it – hints of blueberry and wheat – neither overpowering – and very smooth to drink.


Day 3 we will actually have some photos as it looks like the GoPro is working :) Stay tuned!


Tales from the trails – Day 1!

First – my apologies for no pictures or video yet – technical snafus :)

Day 1 started from Faneuil Hall in Boston – it was cold (for a FL boy) at 52* and light rain was falling. Carl, my parents, brother and niece ventured into town for the start. We were greeted at the start by my uncle Muncie and Rotarians from Beverly and Boston Downtown. After a few pics, some well-wishes and good-lucks, it was time to roll! Within about 300 yards I learned that mapping software isn’t foolproof (my route took me through the lobby of a hotel), but no worries – small detour. I took Storrow Drive out of town towards Newton spy cell phone and into SE Massachusetts. Rain stopped about 10 miles into the journey (ruining a set of headphones) and a nice tail wind was setting in. About 25 miles in professional research paper writers I spotted another cyclist on the road with a flat, so I stopped to help. Matt is a double-major at MIT and was headed home to Manhattan for the summer, so he decided biking would be the way to go. Cool – now I have some company for a spy target phone little bit! Well – turns out his route was the same as mine and his stop on the first night was near mine, so we rode through MA, RI, CT and part of Long Island together. Neither of us realized the beauty in SW Rhode Island or SE Connecticut – extremely rural, many farms and small,

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old-style New England homes along the way. Oh – lots of hills too! The ride from Boston to New London had more climbs than the Hill Camp I did in CA back in February!

For as much planning as we did for this trip, the number of things we missed is surprising… Who would have known the number of bridges closed for cialis generic forum repair, needing detours (adding valuable time and distance), or vehicles CEL going on, or maybe even the logistics of having 2 SAG cars and putting half your gear in each (when one breaks down, you are pretty much outta luck!). With these little mishaps, we finally made it to New London at 3:58pm – 2 minutes to spare to catch the ferry across cialis coupons Long Island Sound.

We were greater by Rotarians from the Riverhead, NY club as we came off the ferry – which was a nice surprise! Great group and big supporters of Gif of Life! Now – for the beer reviews :)

Fort Point Ale – Trillium

9 hours…

That’s it – 9 hours left till the ride begins! What and incredible couple of days here in Boston – not even sure where to begin (so I’ll go chronologically)…

Tuesday evening Carl and I got to visit with the online payday loans Boston Downtown Rotary club. Great group! A very young club, this group is dynamic and meets on Tuesday evenings. We attended their month social and were able to share the Gift of Life story with instant payday loans them, as most had not heard of the program as of yet. On Wednesday, we shot over to Malden online payday loans and spoke there to a group of online payday loans texas about 15 Rotarians. These guys were nevada title and payday loans exactly as I remembered Boston to be like – accents, fun, poking fun at each other constantly and very diverse. It was great to meet the gang!

Wednesday night we attended the Red Sox game with my payday 2 builds brother’s family (they lost…). I always love going to Fenway, and this night was no exception. What made this different for me was a small direct payday lenders moment while heading back payday loans online no credit check to the train. Watching my brother being a parent cause and effect essay topics for middle school

outside spy phone pro the home, playing simple games with his youngest without a care in the world spy on cell phone was a touching moment. It’s these little things that I am hoping to experience in droves on the way to Key West. These are the moments phone spy app that really make life worth living. It’s a a shame that we tend to how to remove spy software from my cell phone forget these times in our lives, yet it’s exactly these times that shape who we are…

Today Carl and

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I visited the Natick and Westford Rotary Clubs. Natick hadn’t had much experience with GoL, although, based on their reaction, that payday 2 masks will change in the near payday

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direct lenders future. While in Westford, I had the pleasure of a visit from my good friend Bob Langlois (whom I hadn’t seen more than twice in the past 15 years). Although it was a 3 minute visit, it is another defining moment that will help shape this trip. The Westford club is familiar with both GoL and the Global Grant process and seemed very willing to participate through GoL New England.

Brownies make a check presentation via FaceTime!

Brownies make a check presentation via FaceTime!

The day ended with a wonderful surprise: My fiancé’s daughter and her Brownie Troop raised $300 to donate to Gift of Life (you may remember I spoke to the troop a couple months back about giving back to the community). We haven’t even left Boston yet and already there are moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything…

Check back tomorrow for the Day 1 update!